Life, as I see it: Walk the walk


Dignity, strength, courage, grace, talent, and love are words that describe my friend Jo Buchholz. 

Jo left us last week, and she will be missed beyond measure by many, many people.

I know for sure that she is resting in the arms of the Lord. Jo, like her parents, was just a genuinely good person.

Jo was one of those women who talked the talk and walked the walk. Bless her sweet spirit.

For months now my son Val and his partner Sami have been working to rehabilitate and restore a historic building (the Ueckert building) in Beach.

On Feb. 1 at 4 PM they will host the grand opening of The Refinery, Home of CrossFit Accede. 

They are joining a new generation of business owners in Beach by opening the new business and breathing new life into one of the cities historic buildings.

I’m very proud of the two of them.

Val and Sami always encourage others to live their best life. That is the goal they have set for patrons of The Refinery.  

I’ve watched my kids exceed any efforts I’ve made in my own life. I’ve had a lot of big plans over the years but admit I’ve fallen short of success from time to time. My kids tend to set their eyes on a goal and then complete that goal.

So God bless Val and Sami. I wish for them nothing but happiness and success.

I’m in Sacramento this morning. Pals Deb, Connie, and Sue and I are coming to the end of our last gathering for a while. It’s a bittersweet time for us having all gone different directions. It’s been good to be with them though and I’m already looking forward to the next trip together.

It’s been a productive week as far as the moving plan goes. We’ve got a date and a moving company lined up to move us the end of March. The best part is I’ve found an estate sale coordinator to finish the job once the movers are gone. 

She and her team come in and set up a three-day sale and then clear out and sweep out the house of any leftovers.

Easy peasy and it’s all done. God bless her. I’m pretty sure she’s my new best friend. I also have a house cleaner lined up to do the final clean before the sale of the house.

Thank God this old girl doesn’t have to go through all of that again.

Life is good today.

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