What’s your plan? (02/05/2020)


At this season of my life I have become quite apt and comfortable at opening my mouth. It wasn’t natural in the beginning and was a long process of getting out of my comfort zone, growing a bit, establishing a new comfort level, and then getting out of my comfort zone again. It was one of those perpetual cycles that bore fruit. I have even reached the point where I can put both feet in my mouth with little effort and not much embarrassment. The trick is to learn something from the mistake. I rarely duplicate the experience because I usually take another road to insert a foot or two up above my throat.

The Family Arens is busy keeping up with the Jones or at least looking good in the busy work department, if not accomplishing much. I found myself at the District Two Candidates Night last week. I can’t trash mouth any of the Pack for not attending with me. None of the candidates or their stance on the current issues are of any consequence to them. We live in District One and support Merced. The Buckle is one of my favorite places.

District Two has some of my other favorite places. But this is one of those times with toes between lips, what wing-nut draw up these district lines? Colusa and Grimes represented together? I am partial to Grimes; it is the land of my inheritance. I see trouble with equal votes for those that don’t have sweat and blood equity in a proposition. Land being the case in point. The landowners today are not making enough profit to pay current property taxes.

It gets my attention quickly when I hear someone say that the farmers need to pay their fair share! You had better be prepared to show me the break down of where you think the tax dollar should go. If you expect the working class to pay government salaries and benefits, politicians and staff handouts, and welfare then be prepared to show the return on investment. In the current situation, the takers are surpassing the givers. This is not sustainable!

A minimum of two things is worth pointing out about the candidates’ night. It was standing room only in the conference room at Colusa Industrial Properties. I got there early enough for what I thought would get me a good seat. I got one of the last ones and then felt excited enough to help pack in more chairs for the event. I am taken back at the candidates. The Incumbent isn’t seeking another term and that created the present situation that four candidates have decided to throw their hats into the race. The one that does the most amount of homework will be the next Supervisor. My hat is off; to four candidates running for office and to constitutes coming out in force.

I talk money, religion, and politics; among quite a few other topics. Some people even listen! I had the pleasure of running into an acquaintance that night that I hadn’t crossed paths in way too long. She paid me a compliment; she reads this column. I hear this is the Information Age. Social media has become everything but collective. We are all for yelling our opinion. We should all be for listening that much more. I am reminded that the Lord physically gave us one mouth, two ears, and two eyes. Maybe a deeper meaning in this is to listen and watch more; at least twice as much.

■ Scott Arens is a lifelong resident of Arbuckle. To contact Scott email scott@arenscp.com