Life, as I see it: A good day


It’s a good day today. The lion’s share of the day I spent in Folsom with one of my adopted kids, Yvonne. We had a great visit. The bonus was that she is my former facial so I also got one of her wonder working treatments. This old girl was ready for a tune up.

Tonight Tom will join me in California. As I write, I’m waiting for his flight. We are blessed this trip with on-time flights and no snafus making connections in Denver. If you fly that route you may know there are usually snafus in Denver. 

I keep warning Tom that the house isn’t its usual neat place. I’ve had a busy month of pulling out and piling up things for the movers.

Although I missed out on getting to attend, I hear the grand opening at The Refinery, Home of CrossFit Accede in Beach last night, was a huge success. Again, I have to say how proud I am of my son Val and his partner Sami for the dedication and hard work they brought to the table to build their dream. Partnered with the fact they breathed new life into a historic building makes the effort well worth it.

When I previously lived in Beach, I spent a lot of time in that building. I was a fledgling writer. The building, the Ueckert building, was home to Al Ueckert’s financial office. I used to visit Al and he always had time to share stories of town and county history. 

I look now at the transformation of the building and I think Al would be pleased.

Val and Sami used materials from the old offices and repurposed them into an amazing space.

I’ve checked into a hotel to wait for Tom’s flight. I thought I’d rest before going to the airport. I’m pretty sure now though that isn’t going to happen. One room over there has two screaming kids. I’m hoping they are asleep by the time we get back tonight. Although I hate admitting it, I’m “that crabby old lady” that will take action.  

I think parents should teach their kids how to behave. Letting them run wild in a hotel is not proper behavior. Wow! I am that old lady.

Screaming kids and all, it’s still been a good day.

Life is good today.

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