Watchman on the Wall: Holy Spirit’s Gift


February 7, is a very special day to me. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. I had gone to a Bible study where they worshiped in languages I had never heard. I needed peace and joy in my life; this made me hungry; they had something I didn’t. 

I went again and loved every minute of it, but was afraid of being caught up in an emotional experience. I asked my best friend Carleen to go with me the following week but just as an observer. The following week Carleen went and loved every minute and got baptized in the Holy Spirit. “NO CARLEEN, you were just supposed to observe.” 

Next I went to Carol and insisted she go with us the following week just to observe. We went, and Carol loved every minute of it and was baptized in the Holy Spirit.. 

Frustrated I went home, put my little ones down for a nap and sat on the floor with my back against the bed. “OK Lord, if this is real, I want whatever You have to give me.” I began to worship, praising Almighty God for so many blessings. I ran out of English, and the next thing I knew this beautiful language was pouring forth. It felt like warm oil had been poured on my head which ran down my arms. I softly began to cry as wave after wave of liquid love poured over my whole being. 

I shared with Carleen and Carol but mostly kept this to myself. It was too precious! The women of Aglow International understood, and I soon found my place of freedom to sing and pray in the Spirit. 

A few years later when I had my first detached retina surgery, I was so scared, but an elder from my church called and prayed over the phone just as they put me on the gurney. Peace enveloped me, and I began to sing in tongues all the way to the surgical ward. When the surgeon came in, he asked, “Are you Jewish?” 

“No, why do you ask?” 

“Because I’ve heard my Jewish patients sing that in Hebrew.” 

“Wow! Hebrew, so that’s what it is?” I shared with him about being baptized in the Holy Spirit. 

Years later I was singing softly in the bathroom thinking everyone was still asleep. My daughter suddenly said, “Gee Mom that’s not fair.” 

“What’s not fair?” 

“I’ve been studying French for three years, and your French is perfect.” 

“Oh I’m speaking French?”

“Yes Mom. You’re singing about how much you love God and worshiping him.” 

Why do I continue this? For the peace it brings me. Because after being healed of arthritis, there is occasional pain and 15 minutes of praying in the Spirit dissipates the pain. Because it is my spirit communing directly with Holy Spirit. Because it activates the Fruit of the Spirit. Because it quiets the mind. Because it is Holy Spirit directed in any language He chooses. Thank You Holy Spirit for Your amazing gift! 

■ Loraine Joy is a small business owner and Arbuckle resident. Contact Loraine at