Life, as I see it: Favorite places


There are two places I most enjoy going for a little rest an relaxation.

The Black Hills of South Dakota and the Northern Coast of California at Fort Bragg and Mendocino.

Each of these places have a calming, healing effect on me.

Today Tom and I are headed to Mendocino for a two day stay at The Little River Inn. Aah, I can’t wait to get there. I can already hear the ocean, and anticipate the peace it brings.
We have reserved a great little cottage and I plan on sleeping great.

We’ve been under some pressure here with the move looming in the future. All is well, and so far we’ve got a handle on it. It’s just hard sometimes to remember all that is involved in uprooting and moving on.

We had a good day with my sister Ann and brother-in-law Samuel this week when they came for a visit. It will take some getting used to that we will no longer be able to visit whenever we want.

No worry, they have promised to visit us in North Dakota. They, along with my parents used to visit us there and they know they love it.

I think my sister and I got our wanderlust from our folks. They loved a good road trip as much as we do.

As children, Mother and Daddy always made sure we had a vacation. Usually it was camping, but once I remember we took a Christmas trip to Illinois. It was an adventure and my first introduction to German cooking and Christmas traditions. My Aunt Laverne did her best to make our holiday memorable. I still have good memories of all of the cookies, treats and stocking stuffer gifts.

Tradition is a wonderful thing. That is how lasting memories are made.

Tom and I know this will be our last trip to the coast for awhile. We plan to savor every moment.

My grandchildren; Kohen and Lea acted this week in the Missoula Children’s Theatre production of The Snow Queen. I wish we had been there. We’ve been spoiled for the past few months always getting to be at the grandkids’ special events. It really bothered me to miss this one. Soon, very soon we’ll all be together again.

Life is good today.

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