Life, as I see it: The finale


One last time. That’s what we say these days.

Today, I’ll meet my gal pals Sue, Deb, and Connie for one last lunch before we go our separate ways for at least a year. 

It’s hard to leave these women. 

The next step in our moving plans now has a wrench in the plan. It’s a wait and see process now to see if the coronavirus will disrupt any travel plans. As far as the move itself goes, we’re just about ready. The movers will be here in less than 10 days. 

This move has been in God’s hands from the beginning. I’m not stressing over anything that comes my way; I’m not dwelling on what might happen.

Like everything else in my life to this point, I’ll roll with it and know that I am protected. A lesson I learned along time ago is this. If a you are upset or worried about something today, it is likely that a year from now you won’t remember it at all. 

I’m a little dumbfounded over the whole toilet paper rush. Media hype and the human nature to panic seems to be running amok. 

Let us not forget that if you are using disposable wipes instead of toilet paper, don’t flush it! The last thing we need is sewage backing up into our homes. In this time as in all other times, common sense is what we need.

We’ve made some hard choices in the last few weeks. We have taken inventory of our collective years and the “things” we have accumulated. We are leaving behind many things we once thought we couldn’t do without. The truth be told, we had a lot of duplicate items we might need someday and things we just won’t have a place for in the North Dakota house. Anyone need a 60-inch TV? We’re building quite an inventory for the sale. The estate sale coordinator will have it set up and ready to go April 3, 4 and 5. 

It should be a dandy. Again, let go and let God.

Life is good today.

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