Tuesday, June 22, 2021


What’s your plan? (07/08/2020)

Ever found yourself in one of those déjà vu moments? I have been told that too many of them isn’t a good thing. The trippy ones catch you in that interesting instance when things are so familiar and yet you know you are experiencing the moment for the first time. Then there is the other side of the coin, you have done the situation so many times that you can do it in your sleep. A recent trip over to Marysville placed me in the latter.

I spent an interesting part of my life commuting that direction. It was the sun rising in my face that got me recollecting times past. My days would start out fighting to see which way I was traveling. I would spend the day fighting computing problems for the County of Sutter and then I’d find my way back to good old Colusa County. And there was the sun again, setting, making my travel a challenge again.

I went through a few different job titles and descriptions during that time. In a nutshell, I saw to it that my clients accomplished their work with little to no distraction from the computers. When I started, it was taking the new personal computer out of the box, setting it up, and then placing it on an employee’s desk.

Then I upped the game by connecting PCs within a department. When I had moved on, the whole county was wired to communicate. Along the way, a whole lot of dumb terminals on mainframes were replaced with PCs. Two is better than one. Besides honing technical skills, I learned teamwork. There were two of us working on computers and two working mainframes. What we did look good on resumes and opened some very impressive doors.

It became very clear to me during this season of my life that the work needed to be planned and that one needed to work the plan. When it wasn’t, things just sat around in neutral. I also constructed my theory at this time of our three-tier welfare system. But that discussion is best left for another time.

So, my déjà vu is more lamenting for those bygone days. It wasn’t too bad having the sun in your eyes both ways! I am not sure that many of those that we put in leadership and all of those that assume a little power have a plan. Too much for me and not enough for us. Can’t say that many are learning much. And then there are the rest of us; those that are quietly throwing what power we have quickly away.

Never have we been stripped of so much of our freedom. There has never been a document in the history of mankind with so much power built into its framework as the Constitution of the United States of America and there has never been such a blatant assault on its integrity as today. I hear those calling it antiquated and should be abolished. Silly people, it was written especially for our day. As we throw it out, our way of life crumbs.

Never has there been a people with more freedom and so much more to lose. It was a gift to us. I declare that too many close their eyes and minds to those who presented it to us. Look upon the Constitution, He is in the details. It is time we get back to basics; sunlight, fresh air, and the Constitution.

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