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The Backpage Podcast: Master of debaters

Ah, it’s finally October. Welcome to the 10th level of Jumanji – what possibly could be  in store for us as we proceed through the month of horrors?

The Backpage crew recaps, debates, the debatest of debates known as the 2020 Presidential Debate. We recap some of our favorite moments, express our concerns and air our opinions on what was classified as the worst presidential debate in American history.

Hayley found her way to Wienerschnitzel and found a new treat that wasn’t pumpkin spice; and is plans an adventure to Mt. Everest. Lloyd made some edits to the website, and updated the merch store with some new holiday sweaters and custom items. More to come; and Kent is planning a yard sale; this and more on this week’s episode of The Backpage podcast.

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