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The Backpage - 11.20.2020

Ask a Meat Master

With Thanksgiving around the corner, the crew discusses vegan options, and grass fed Salmon with a butcher – actually, no they didn’t. Jenna Lambgino, lead butcher at Oliver’s Markets, the Montecito location in Santa Rosa, provides some great information and advice on your options at your local meat counter. From the best cuts of meat, to cooking and care tips, Jenna has some insightful information from behind the meat counter.

Kent also provides some safety tips on deep frying your turkey this Thanksgiving. Yes, we still have to tell people not to deep fry your turkey in the home; and Jenna begs you not to cook your steaks in the toaster.

Don’t forget, The Backpage podcast will not have an episode the week of Thanksgiving; stay tuned for details about our live show in December.

From The Backpage family to yours, have a Happy Thanksgiving!