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Sports Recap (01/08/2020)


Colusa boys struggled for a bit when they lost to Las Plumas, 79-54, and to Red Bluff, 61-48, at the Oroville Tournament over the weekend but topped it off with a win against Los Banos, 83-63. A match on the home court will take place this weekend when Quincy comes to play on Friday. 

Lady RedHawks celebrated a win on Thursday when they traveled to Lower Lake, 58-40. On Friday, the girls will host a match against Quincy on the home front. 

Lady Panthers came back from their break unprepared for when East Nicolaus came calling, loosing 52-18. Boy and girl Eagles will be coming from Princeton tonight to Maxwell for a match.

Lady Bears fell to the Lakeport Cardinals, 62-57, at a home game on Thursday. Pierce boys and girls will host the Grizzlies from Garden Valley tonight. 

The Yellowjackets and Lady Jackets will travel from Williams to Maxwell for a rival game against the Panthers on Thursday.


In Colusa, the boys and girls RedHawks will host a game against Anderson on Thursday afternoon.

Pierce boys and girl will travel to Winters for a match on Thursday. 

Williams Yellowjackets will play against Los Molinos on Thursday at home.

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