Colusa dominates Quincy on the court


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Colusa basketball fans did not leave the home court disappointed because Friday night was a good night to be a RedHawk. 

The varsity girls redeemed themselves against Quincy’s Trojans, who got the upper hand in a previous game in late December at the Hamilton tournament, causing Colusa to lose by a single point. 

During Friday’s contest, the Lady RedHawks struck hard in the first quarter with a 17-6 lead that would sustain them through the rest of the game, winning against Quincy, 37-29.

“It was a good adjustment, good turnaround,” said Athletic Director Eric Lay, assistant coach. “The girls are doing the one thing they’ve done all year: consistently play really good defense. We always end games because we play such good defense.” 

Then the varsity boys followed suit with a 74-66 win against the Trojans, starting off with a 14-11 lead in the first quarter and doubling down with 23 points in the second, giving a 26-37 lead. 

“We just got to tone it down, and then when it’s time to play games, we’ve got to play to win,” said Brian Davis, the RedHawks coach.

Colusa High School Junior Drew Bradbury, senior Mason Saso, and sophomore Jojo Luna were consistent at the basket with two pointers and free throws, particularly Luna, who scored 24 points for the evening. 

The RedHawks will be heading over to Arbuckle for a rivalry game against the Pierce Bears on Thursday. â–