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Sports Recap (January 15, 2020)

Colusa boys were well-matched for the week but managed to come out on top. On Jan. 7, a game against the Yellowjackets resulted in a 66-61 win, yet they fell to East Nicolaus, 94-86, on Jan. 8. When Quincy came to play on Friday, the RedHawks enjoyed a 74-66 win. The boys will be playing the Pierce Bears on Thursday at an away game. 

The Lady RedHawks had a successful week with a 58-16 win against Williams on Jan. 7, and were triumphant again against East Nicolaus, 33-28, on Jan. 8. The girls will take to Pierce’s court on Thursday. 

Maxwell boys were on top against the Princeton Eagles, 61-49, on Jan. 8, but otherwise had a rough week with a 60-52 loss against the Yellowjackets on Thursday and came back from Red Bluff with a 50-44 loss to the Warriors on Friday. The Panthers will face the Trojans this Friday at an away game. 

Lady Panthers enjoyed a win against their rivals in Princeton with a win of 55-27 on Jan. 8, yet fell to the Ladyjackets on Thursday, 38-35. On Friday, they were also defeated 46-22 at an away game in Red Bluff. The girls will be traveling to Quincy on Friday.

Pierce boys had a solid win against Garden Valley, 76-55, on Jan. 8 and came back from Sutter with a 67-39 win on Thursday. The Bears will be on the RedHawks’s court on Friday for a rivalry match. 

Lady Bears had a pair of wins for the week when the Golden Sierra Grizzlies came and were defeated 61-16 on Jan. 8. Then the girls took on the Hamilton Braves at Thursday’s away game for a 63-34. The girls will be playing in RedHawk Country on Thursday.

Princeton boys have struggled for the week when they fell 61-49 to Maxwell at an away game on Jan. 8, and then again in Westwood, 48-44. The boys will be traveling to Anderson for a Friday game.

Williams boys had a big win in Biggs against the Wolverines on Jan. 6, 70-51. A home game against the RedHawks was not as successful, 66-61, on Jan. 7, yet when the Panthers came on Jan. 9, the Yellowjackets found their magic again by winning 60-52. The boys will be headed to Hamilton to face the Braves on Friday. 


Colusa boys did not have to travel to Los Molinos for the win as that the Bulldogs forfeited the Jan. 7 game. When Anderson came knocking, the RedHawks answered with a win 1-0 at Thursday’s home game. The boys will have a match against the Quincy Trojans at home on Thursday.

Lady RedHawks returned from Sutter with a 3-1 win on Jan. 7. They played an intense game against Anderson on Thursday but came out on top, 6-3. Anderson will be on RedHawk turf on Thursday for Colusa’s next game. 

Pierce boys did not flinch against the Hamilton Braves and won a home game 2-1 on Jan. 7. A trip to Winters left the Bears out in the cold on Thursday with a loss of 2-1. Then on Friday, a 4-2 victory in Williams went to the Bears. The boys will be playing again on Tuesday when the Live Oak Lions come for a home game. 

Lady Bears have not been able to pull out of a funk that started before the holiday break. The girls were thwarted at home by Hamilton, 3-1, on Jan. 7, then away in Winters, where they took a hard 10-0 hit on Thursday. They did not recover as the Ladyjackets walked away with a 3-2 win on Friday. Pierce girls will be pitted against the Willows Honkers at a home game on Tuesdsay. 

Williams boys had a chilly reception in Winters when the Warriors were victorious, 4-2, on Jan. 7. 

The boys gave Los Molinos a rough time when the Bulldogs took a 10-0 hit on Thursday. The Yellowjackets were unable to best the Bears, however, losing 4-2 on Thursday. The boys will be headed up to Palo Cedro to face the Lions on Thursday. 

Ladyjackets were met with a cold front in Winters, the score frozen at 15-0 on Jan.7. The girls were able to pick themselves up to win against Pierce, 3-2. The girls will be in Live Oak on Thursday to play.

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