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Rivalry passions fuel exciting game

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It is no secret that the Colusa RedHawks and the Pierce Bears are rivals, but the lighthearted feud is more about hometown pride rather than a hostile opposition. 

Thursday’s contest even got a bit heated on Pierce’s court, resulting in a bench warning. 

There was a palpable tension that was evident; this win was wanted equally by both teams. Ultimately, the Lady Bears were able to suppress their frustrations and focus on the game to their favor, 53-29. 

Bears Coach Mary Reilly said that officiating does not decide the outcome of the game. That it is up to the team’s decisions. 

After halftime, emotions were set aside and it showed on the scoreboard. It was the third quarter when the Bears scored 21 points to the RedHawks 11. 

“The second half was different,” said Reilly. “When you settle in and you start running an offense and running a defense, things go dramatically different.” 

However, Pierce Freshman Jocelyn Medina was consistent throughout the game. She frequently took possession of the ball and singlehandedly scored 12 points in the fourth quarter. 

Pierce’s Sierra Murphy (#23) tries to take possession of the ball from Colusa’s Jaycee Brackett (#3) as Victoria Madrigal (#2) comes to aid her teammate. (Jennifer Blue – Pioneer Review) To purchase this photo, or one like it, visit

Junior Sierra Murphy was the other main contributor to the score. Reilly gave credit to Sophomore Mayra Sanchez for hustling and Senior Alexis Dorantes who works hard to get open and to shut down the middle. 

The RedHawks spread of points was scored fairly evenly between the teammates with the exception of Senior Chaena Laux, who did more than her fair share of two-pointers, and Junior Abigail Smith, who shot two successful three-pointers for the RedHawks.

“I think emotion takes over, and you don’t have to do it all,” said Reilly. “You have to lean on each other. There’s a greater good, you got to win and you gotta find a way to do that. And (Lady Bears) did.”

The next rivalry game will be on Feb. 4 when the RedHawks have a chance at redemption, while the Bears do their best to hold on to the victory. Meanwhile, the RedHawks will be hosting East Nicolaus tonight at their own court while the Bears will be playing in Winters. ■

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