Sports Recap (01/22/2020)



The Colusa boys had a 63-53 victory when visiting the Winters Warriors on Jan. 14. Friday was a knock-down-drag-out match in RedHawk country, which ended with a 73-63 loss after going into overtime. Colusa will be in Willows on Tuesday to take on the Honkers. 

The Lady RedHawks were successful in Colusa on Jan. 13 against the Western Sierra Collegiate Academy Wolves, wining 50-32. The girls eclipsed the Warriors, 58-19, in Winters on Jan. 14. They were unable to continue their winning streak on Thursday when a rival game against Pierce got the upper hand, 53-29. On Tuesday, the girls will take on Willows during a home game.

The Maxwell boys were unable to best the Tigers who came from Portola on Jan. 14, losing 49-46. The boys will be hosting the Wolverines from Biggs tonight.

The Lady Panthers were thwarted by the Portola Tigers on Jan. 14 at a home game. Biggs will be coming to Maxwell for tonight’s game. 

The Pierce boys went to Live Oak on Jan 15 and brought back a 61-48 win. Then on Friday, the Bears eked out a 73-63 win after a long game against the RedHawks in Colusa. On Saturday, the Highlanders put the kibosh on the Bear’s 13-game winning streak, 83-54. The boys will be back on their home court tonight when the Honkers come down from Willows. 

The Lady Bears were victorious in Live Oak when the Lions succumbed, 62-43. A win against Colusa ended Thursday night with a score of 53-29. The girls will head down to Winters to compete against the Warriors on Thursday. 

The Princeton boys had a rough week. In Williams, they took an 80-45 loss on Jan. 13. Another away game against the Loyalton Grizzlies on Jan. 14 ended with a 64-45 defeat. On Thursday, the American Christian Academy came to Princeton for an 87-67 home court loss. The boys will be taking on the Downieville Warriors at home. 

The Lady Eagles returned from Loyalton with a painful 73-20 defeat. After tending to their wounds, the girls turned it around at home when American Christian Academy was bested by Princeton, 41-31, on Thursday. Tonight they face Downieville on the Eagles’ turf.  

The Williams boys had a good week with an 80-45 win against their rivals in Princeton. Then on Friday in Hamilton, the Braves were thwarted on their own court when the Yellowjackets won 51-48. The boys will take on the Trojans in Durham tonight. 

The Lady Jackets returned from Hamilton with a 47-14 loss. They will be headed up to East Nicolaus for a game against the Spartans on Thursday. 


The Colusa boys tied with Esparto 1-1 at an away game on Jan. 14. On Thursday, the RedHawks dominated Durham Trojans with a hometown win, 8-0. Yet when the Colusa Boys Varsity soccer team traveled to Williams on Friday, they came away with a 2-1 loss. The 1-1 score held to the half. Colusa had scoring opportunities, but could not boot in the go ahead goal. Williams would break the tie and go ahead 2-1 with 10 minutes left in the match. Colusa pushed players forward to put more offensive pressure on Williams, but could not put in the equalizer. The 2-1 score held to the end of the match. Colusa had strong defensive play from fullbacks Jesus Hernandez, Andy Lopez, Darien Sarabia and Nicolas Lopez. Midfield standouts were Ulises Galvan, Rodrigo Rodriguez and Edgar Garcia. Colusa Goalkeeper Diego Avila had a good game, with 2 saves, and a blocked penalty kick. Colusa now stands at 8-1-2 in SVL play and are 10-1-2 overall. Colusa will travel to Winters on Thursday for another SVL matchup.

The Lady RedHawks have been undefeated for a month with a Jan. 14 win against Esparto, 2-0. At home, Durham fell 7-0 on Thursday. In Williams, an 11-0 final score was a solid victory for Colusa. The girls will be in Winters on Thursday for their next game. 

The Pierce boys were the victors when the Honkers came to play on Pierce’s turf on Jan. 14. On Thursday, the Spartans will be coming from Esparto for a match. 

The Lady Bears fell 2-1 to Willows during a home game on Jan. 14. The girls will be facing Esparto on Thursday’s match. 

The Williams boys were unable to score on Jan. 14, losing 3-0 to the Live Oak Lions. In Palo Cedro on Thursday, the Redding Christian Lions were not able to take down the Yellowjackets who won with a score of 8-1. The boys did not stop there, winning 2-1 against Colusa on Friday. The Braves will be coming from Hamilton on Thursday for a game. 

The Lady Jackets were not lucky this week with Live Oak coming out on top 9-3 on Jan. 14. Another loss came to the girls at home when Colusa came knocking and left with a score of 11-0. A chance at redemption will come on Thursday when Hamilton will play in Williams. 

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