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Sports Recap (02/05/2020)


The Colusa boys continued their winning streak with a 91-61 victory against the Honkers on Jan 28 in Willows. In Live Oak, the boys gave the extra push that mattered to win 58-56 on Friday. Tonight the RedHawks will play against the Pierce Bears, in Arbuckle. 

The Lady RedHawks fell short in a home game against Willows, 58-27, on Jan. 28 against the Honkers. On Friday, the Live Oak Lions took the victory on the RedHawk court, 40-31. On Friday, the girls will host the Winters Warriors for a match. 

The Maxwell boys were unable to claim the home court victory against the Tigers, with a 71-50 loss in Portola on Friday. The Trojans will come from Quincy and challenge the Panthers tonight. 

The Lady Panthers struggled this week away from home. In Chico, the Lynx had the upper hand, 46-28, on Jan. 29. The Tigers in Portola dominated 73-28. The girls will have a home game tonight against the Tigers from Quincy. 

The Pierce boys enjoyed a 73-34 victory against the Honkers in Willows on Friday. Tonight a rivalry game against the RedHawks will take place in Colusa. 

The Lady Bears were unable to cinch the win against the Willows Honkers Friday night, losing 60-54. The girls will be in Live Oak to face the Lions on Friday. 

The Princeton boys were victorious on the home court against Elk Creek on Jan. 27, winning 59-33. The same could not be said for Thursday’s game in Anderson when the boys lost 69-57 against American Christian Academy. The boys will play the Lumberjacks in Westwood on Thursday. 

The Lady Eagles lost 27-14 on Thursday against American Christian Academy in Anderson. An away game in Elk Creek will take place on Feb. 11.

The Williams boys celebrated a home court win against the Trojans from Durham, 59-48, on Jan 29. They had a close but unsuccessful match when the Braves came from Hamilton on Friday. They will have a chance at redemption on Thursday when they go to Hamilton City for a rematch. 

The Lady Jackets had a rough week on the road. A loss on Jan. 28 in Durham against the Trojans ended 40-25. In Hamilton City, the Braves took Thursday’s game, 46-21. Tonight the girls will face the Spartans in East Nicolaus. 


The Colusa boys continue racking up the wins. In Willows, they dominated the Honkers 5-0 on Jan. 28. The boys came back from Live Oak on Jan. 29 with a 2-0 win against the Lions. On Friday, they brought back a 2-0 win from Pierce. On Thursday, the Bulldogs will come to Colusa from Los Molinos for a match.  

The Lady RedHawks had a 2-1 win and sent the Honkers back to Willows empty-handed on Jan. 28. The girls struggled in Live Oak on Jan. 29 with a 10-1 loss against the Lions. They recovered by Friday when they took on the Lady Bears in Arbuckle, winning 9-0. The Spartans will be in RedHawk country on Feb. 11. 

The Pierce boys had the magic touch in Palo Cedro on Jan. 28 with a 4-1 win against the Lions from Redding Christian. A forfeit from Durham was in the Bear’s favor on Jan. 29. However, on Friday, the Bears lost their magic in Colusa when the RedHawks won 2-1. The Bears will be in Hamilton City to take on the Braves for a Thursday game. 

The Lady Bears were defeated in Colusa on Friday 9-0 during a rivalry game. They will be playing against the Braves on Thursday in Hamilton City. 

The Williams boys came back undefeated from each place they visited this week. On Jan. 28, the Trojans were kept from scoring on their own field, losing 4-0. In Willows, the Yellowjackets won 7-1 against the Honkers. They will continue to keep up the wins on Thursday in Winters against the Warriors. 

The Lady Jackets were evenly matched in the week by walking away with two ties. In Durham, the girls tied 2-2 against the Trojans on Jan. 28. The Honkers kept the score 1-1 in Willows. On Thursday, the Warriors from Winters will come to Williams for a match. 

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