Underdogs get upper hand over RedHawks


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The basketball game that started off with a bang ended with a lackluster frustration for the Lady RedHawks on Friday. Colusa’s home game loss against Live Oak was a 40-31 upset that was unanticipated. 

The RedHawks started off strong with points by Lizbeth Quintana, Abigail Smith, and Carly Lay all contributing to a 10-2 lead against the visiting Lions. 

The second quarter was when the tables turned. The Lions were energized with an inkling that they could capitalize on the RedHawks, who seemed to play on autopilot. The Lions had caught up and Live Oak’s Brianna Gomez scored an impressive 3-pointer on the buzzer to give the Lions a taste of blood. The scoreboard read 14-13 at halftime. 

The RedHawks came back from the locker room with the realization that they needed to fight for a win. The third quarter was close with the RedHawks scoring 11 points between the girls and another 3-pointer by Smith, but the game stayed neck-and-neck. 

The Lions had only one win prior and once they saw a victory was possible, they fought with tenacity. Darren Townzen, coach for the RedHawks, called for timeouts and tried to give his team that extra push they needed for the win. But as the fourth quarter marched on, the RedHawks’ frustrations over missed shots allowed the Lions more opportunities to possess the ball, which ultimately pushed the score away from the brink of redemption for the RedHawks. 

“We needed more energy,” said Lay, who was excited to play again after an injury. “We needed to work together as a team. We came in thinking we were going to win already.”

The previous game against Live Oak on Jan. 21 ended with a 30-28 win, giving the RedHawks a great run leading up to Friday night. 

“Now we are just going to have to try and bounce back,” said Townzen, who surmised that their downfall was overconfidence due to the previous win and having key players back in the game. “Hopefully, they learn from this.” 

Despite the setback, the season is not over. After Friday’s game in Biggs, the RedHawks will then have to face the Willows Honkers. As the Honkers are currently in the lead, they will need to bring their ‘A’ game, complete with the recent lesson of underestimating an opponent. ■