Basketball rivals battle to bitter end


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As the season comes closer to the end, the Colusa RedHawks and Pierce Bears basketball teams did not disappoint with a high energy game on Feb 5. A strong start by Pierce set the pace that ended up making the difference that contributed to their 84-50 win.

The excitement of a rivalry game spilled out into an impromptu halftime exhibition, as two young men ran across the court brandishing both team’s flags.

Senior Pablo Barrera took possession of the ball for the RedHawks during a stealthy steal from the Bears during the third quarter.

After halftime, three successfully 3-pointers were scored for the Bears in near succession by Eduardo Paiz, Justin Mathews, and Luke Voorhees. Piaz continued to get two more before the end of the third quarter, totaling 18 points for the Bears while Daniel Medina scored 17 total.

Although the scoreboard weighed heavily to the home team advantage, the RedHawks pushed hard to the final buzzer. During the game, RedHawk Mason Saso was the high scorer, garnering 27 points to his team’s total score. Three of them were from behind the 3-point line; four were successful free-throws. Meanwhile, RedHawk Drew Bradbury supported those points with six assists and Cole Simmons with five. ■

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