Princeton Eagles make it to playoffs


The Greenville Indians came to Princeton to play the Eagles on Thursday for a final match before the playoffs.

At the end of the game, the scoreboard read 74-65, but Eagles coach Troy German said that the season consisted of many close games and that the team played well.

The boys played a game that was evenly matched with the Eagles in the lead 22-20 in the first quarter, thanks to Princeton freshman Alex Medina, junior Ivan Espinoza, and seniors Elias Cervantes and Anthony Zuniga.

The Eagles continued through the second quarter ahead 45-39 with points from sophomore Cris Winn, Espinoza, Cervantes, and Zuniga.

In the third, the Indians tipped the scale 55-53, after the coach for the Indians called for a change in strategy.

Eagles junior Jonathan Silva, along with Medina, Cervantes, and Zuniga, all contributed to the game’s close score.

The game could have belonged to either team by the fourth quarter, but despite points from Medina, Cervantes, and Zuniga, the Indians were able to repeatedly capture the ball from the Eagles’ possession.

Cervantes moved with a full-body control that made his 24 points appear choreographed as he floated upwards towards the net. Zuniga drove down the court with the force of a freight train.

“Both are key players in our offense and our defense,” said German. “But we got some younger kids coming up too.”

Optimistic about the future, German said he fully anticipates a great next year.

The Eagles were scheduled to play in Division 7 of the CIF North Section basketball playoffs on Feb. 18 against the Greenville Indians, with the winner moving on to round two on

Thursday against the highest seeded team.

The Lady Eagles also lost their home game Thursday against Greenville, 60-17.

“The girls were outmatched,” said Jeremiah Johnson, coach for girl’s basketball. “They played hard but the shots just were not landing.”

Princeton junior, Alondra Cervantes, scored seven points in total for her team, while senior Jaqui Reynoso scored four. The loss was not enough to keep the girls from entering the playoffs, Division 7. They will be in Hayfork to face the Timberjacks tonight. ■