Sports Recap (02/26/2020)


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The Colusa boys were unsuccessful in Durham against the Trojans on Friday; so close but so far with a final score of 51-50.

The Lady RedHawks swept Hamilton’s courts with the Braves on Thursday, taking a 38-17 win home. The girls will go on to the next round of the NSCIF Division 5 playoffs in Portola against the Tigers.

Maxwell’s boys lost to the West Valley Eagles who were visiting from Cottonwood with a score of 77-37 for Friday night’s NSCIF Division 6 playoff game.

The boys from Pierce played at home game against the West Valley Eagles from Cottonwood with a winning score of 66-51 on Friday. The Bears have a home game tonight against the Bulldogs from Gridley to decide who will move forward in the NSCIF Division 4 playoffs.

The Lady Bears from Pierce finished up their basketball season in the first round of the NSCIF Division 4 playoffs when they fell to the Tigers in Oroville on Feb. 18 with a score of 54-48.

The Princeton Eagles will not move forward in the NSCIF Division 7 playoffs. The boys completed their season after a Feb. 18 match in Greenville ended in the Indians’ favor, 89-62. The Lady Eagles were cut down 63-27 by the Timberjacks in Hayfork on Feb. 19.

The Williams boys sent the Wolves back to Trinity with a 64-56 win for the Yellowjackets on Feb. 19. On Friday night, the Yellowjackets went up against the Spartans in East Nicolaus and lost to the tune of 47-32. The Lady Jackets finished up the NSCIF Division 5 playoffs when they were in Mt. Shasta and the Bears snatched the 54-13 win on Feb. 18.


The RedHawks finished the SVL in first place and were first seed in the playoffs. The RedHawks continued their winning streak into the NSCIF Division 3 playoffs when the Redding Christian Lions gave a 1-0 forfeit in the first round on Feb. 15. The results from Feb. 25 semifinals against the Williams Yellowjackets were not available at time of press.

The winner of the game will continue in the playoff championship game on Saturday.
The Lady RedHawks return from bye week into the NSCIF Division 3 playoffs, however, results from Feb. 25 match against the Spartans in Esparto were not available at time of press. The winner will go on to the final Division 3 championship game on Saturday.

The Pierce boys lost against the Esparto Spartans after a grueling 2-1 game that went into overtime on Thursday.

The Yellowjackets put the hurt on the visiting Braves from Hamilton on Thursday with a 1-0 victory and a chance to move forward to round two in the NSCIF Division 3 playoffs. The results from Feb. 25 game against the RedHawks were not available at time of press. The victor will play in Saturday’s championship game.

The Lady Jackets went into the NSCIF Division 3 playoffs and faced the Spartans in Esparto on Thursday, but a 2-0 loss means that they finish up their season.


The RedHawks boys and girls begin with a home game against Hamilton City Braves on Tuesday.

The Panthers boys and girls invited the Volcanoes from Chester to Maxwell for a game on Friday.

The Pierce boys will be in Olivehurst to play the Lindhurst Blazers on Friday. The Lady Bears will be in Biggs on March 4 to take on the Wolverines.

Princeton Eagles boys and girls will play their respective rivals in Williams on Thursday.

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