Bears push into playoffs with a strong start


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Playoffs have begun now that basketball season comes to a close. Pierce Bears fans were treated to an exciting game with a 61-51 home game win against the West Valley Eagles on Friday night.

“I think it all just stems defensively,” said Cody McCullough, coach for the Bears. “Tonight, I feel was probably our best defensive performance all around on the season.”

From the first quarter, the Bears took a no-nonsense approach, hitting fast and hitting hard and scoring 20 points to the Eagles 12. Things took a turn in the start of the second when the Eagles doubled down on their efforts and took the Bears by surprise. The Eagles were catching up, going into halftime with the Bears only slightly in the lead by 32-24. But the game was far from over once the Bears noticed that a strong lead was not a guaranteed win. Rejuvenated by junior Justin Mathews for the Bears who scored two 3-pointers in a row. By the end of the third, the Bears led 49-44 and the game was still anyone’s. The Bear’s rejuvenation did not relent to the very end, scoring 20 more points to the Eagles 7 in the final quarter.

“Every single game potentially could be our last,” said McCullough, about continuing in the playoffs. “So we’re not taking any game lightly.”

The next game is with Gridley tonight to be played at the higher seeded Pierce. ■