Monday, July 26, 2021


Mom jailed for threatening witness against son

Sometimes a mother will do just about anything for the love of her son – even go to jail.

Colusa County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey A. Thompson last week found there was sufficient evidence for Angelina Paez, 50, of Williams, to stand trial on charges of attempting to dissuade two individuals from testifying in the criminal proceedings against her 31-year-old son, Armando Velasquez Paez.

Armando Paez, who is currently in custody, has a lengthy criminal history in Colusa County, with previous convictions for vandalism, forgery, and burglary, court records indicate. Williams police officers arrested him on Dec. 23, 2020, on suspicion of robbery and committing a felony while on bail for other alleged crimes, including corporal injury and obstructing a peace officer.

Williams police arrested his mother, Angelina Paez, eight days later on Dec. 31, after the alleged victim in her son’s case called the police to report that she threatened him in order to get him to retract his claim that he was robbed.

Williams police also arrested Daniel Segundo Gonzales, 27, of Williams, who allegedly carried the same threats to the victim and victim’s brother on behalf of Mrs. Paez, whom he referred to as “La Jefa” (the boss), according to testimony at Mrs. Paez’ preliminary hearing on April 12.

Detective Leticia Reusser testified that Mrs. Paez “took the Fifth” when questioned about text messages she sent to the victim (referring to exercising her right to remain silent) but said that Gonzales admitted that Mrs. Paez had sent him to talk to the victim and victim’s brother at the Colusa Casino to get the victim to tell the police “the truth.”

Gonzales, who is Mrs. Paez’s co-defendant, was scheduled also for preliminary hearing on April 12 but arrived late to court – after his defense attorney left and the judge had already issued an arrest warrant for his failure to appear.

Mrs. Paez is scheduled to appear in court at 1 PM on May 3 to enter a plea. A likely defense is that the victim owed her or her son money and that she only wanted the victim to return to the police with that information, which was gleaned from questions raised by her attorney at last week’s hearing.

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