Monday, July 26, 2021


Arrest warrant issued for Colusa woman

With no bail required to ensure she returned to court to face felony charges, a Colusa woman this week skipped the proceedings altogether.

Shonna Lynn Macias, 43, who was released from jail April 8 after the California Supreme Court upheld the decision that a cash bail system unfairly incarcerates the poor, failed to appear as ordered in Colusa County Superior Court on Monday.

Not only did she fail to appear, her taxpayer-funded Public Defender Albert Smith said he has had no contact with her since her release.

Colusa police officers arrested Macias on April 6, after she allegedly assaulted and threatened to kill a person confined to a wheelchair. Her bail was initially set at $185,000, an amount that would likely ensure she would return to court if she was let out of jail before trial. However, Macias was released from jail on her own recognizances following her arraignment because she had no money to post bail.

While she has not contacted her attorney as ordered by the court, she did have another encounter with Colusa police since her felony arrest.

Macias was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication and maliciously destroying the property of others, both misdemeanors, around 3:15 PM April 21 at Market and 10th Street in Colusa.

Macias claimed to still reside at the property on Jay Street where her earlier arrest occurred, according to booking documents.

Because she disobeyed a court order and failed to appear in Colusa County Superior Court on April 26, Judge Jeffrey A. Thompson issued a “no bail” bench warrant for Macias’ arrest.

Macias has not been rescheduled to appear in court and the District Attorney’s Office has not filed additional charges stemming from her most recent arrest, court records indicate. §


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