Thursday, June 17, 2021



Probation violation lands Arbuckle man in state prison

An Arbuckle man was sentenced to state prison earlier this month for carrying a loaded firearm after he violated the terms of his probation.

Colusa County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey A. Thompson sentenced Evan Morgan Schlenvogt, 31, to two years in prison with a six month concurrent sentence for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Thompson said Schlenvogt has been given multiple opportunities on probation for previous convictions but has continued a pattern of criminal behavior.

Schlenvogt was convicted of reckless or negligent operation of a vehicle in 2011, after pleading no contest in a deal that dismissed child endangerment charge and DUI of .08 or greater blood alcohol.

However, most of his run-ins with law enforcement occurred since 2020.

Schlenvogt was convicted on Aug. 12, 2020, after pleading no contest to carrying a concealed loaded unregistered firearm in a deal with prosecutors to dismiss charges of hit and run and resisting a peace officer. He was sentenced to three years formal probation and ordered to obey all laws, but admitted to violating the terms of his probation on March 8.

Schlenvogt had been arrested on Feb. 18, in Yolo County, for being a felon in possession of 9 mm ammunition.

Schlenvogt’s Public Defender Albert Smith said the two-year sentence was unfortunate because Schlenvogt has been a cooperative defendant and has actively sought residential drug treatment out-of-county, but that no space has become available.

Schlenvogt has already served 157 actual days in jail for a total of 313 days credit off his sentence. He will be on parole or post release community supervision for three years upon his release from prison.

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