Thursday, June 24, 2021


From the publishers desk: Changes to the Pioneer Review

Just like every other business, the newspaper print industry is being impacted by the coronavirus, and this newspaper is no exception.

The coronavirus crisis impacted the Pioneer Review’s revenues by 30-percent in 2020. 

Here at the Pioneer Review, most of our revenue comes from advertisements from local businesses, and community events, which are also suffering at this difficult time. Additionally, we continue to battle the social media takeover of information; and to thwart the local press with social media posts. 

As a result of our pitfalls, we must restructure the Pioneer Review so that we can continue to serve our readers with relevant news and information. 

Today, I announce that we will be changing our day of publication. 

The Pioneer Review will move from a Wednesday to a Thursday newspaper, taking effect on Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021. 

This difficult decision comes after a recent change in court schedules, and a change in press configuration. I have decided to take this opportunity to commit our resources in providing our readers with up-to-date information on county, and local government, as well as reporting on local school boards in a more timely manner. 

To our Subscribers: Starting Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021, our Home Delivery Subscribers can expect delivery of their Pioneer Review by 8:00 AM; in-county Mail Delivery Subscribers will receive their newspaper on Thursday with the normal delivery of their Mail; and Out-of-County Mail Subscribers can expect to receive their newspapers with their mail in the days following. If you are a Home Delivery Subscriber and you have not received your newspaper by 8 AM, please call us before 10 AM to have a newspaper dispatched for redelivery to your home. Missed delivery notices received after 10 AM will be arranged for delivery as soon as possible. 

To our Advertisers: Starting in February, deadlines for Advertising, Classifieds, Legal Notices, Obituaries, Community Briefs, and News Submissions will be moved to Noon on Tuesday. 

Keep an eye out in the Wednesday, Jan. 20, edition as I will announce our new promotional partnership program, and a new digital product to benefit our community and its businesses – stay tuned. 

To our subscribers, thank you for sticking with us. As your county’s only locally owned and independent newspaper we truly value your trust in us. 

Historically newspapers are a record of the happenings of yesterday, the mirror of today and a beacon for tomorrow; as we navigate this challenging moment in history, I thank you for your support. 

To our advertisers, thank you for your continued support. Many of you have been with the publication since it was first published on Feb. 23, 2008. Your support allows our newspaper to continue reporting on the news that’s fit to print. With that said, I understand your budgets are difficult and you have to make sacrifices – I am truly honored that you continue to support our efforts in publishing your local newspaper.

To our community, I ask for your support so that we can expand our coverage capabilities,  and to continue keeping you informed. While social media may be ‘free’, and the gossip is entertaining, here at the Pioneer Review we truly value our journalistic efforts and hold ourselves to a trusted set of ethics in publishing your local news. I ask for your subscription. I ask that you bolster your businesses that support us, and please remember to tell our advertisers, “Thank you for supporting my local newspaper, the Pioneer Review.”

With tyrannic efforts to silence the press by local, county, state, and federal governments, the impact of losing your local newspaper is the ultimate sacrifice in democracy. I will continue my commitment to publish these pages, I will continue to publish your local newspaper for as long as our community deems it possible. 

Please, support your local newspaper. 

Thank you. 

Lloyd Green Jr.


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