Monday, July 26, 2021


You’ve been goosed! (04/22/2021)

Colusa Park, Recreation and Tree Commission Chairman Leslie Poland, and Animal Control Officer Pam DaGrossa were “goosed” Saturday for a good cause. Colusa Councilwoman Denise Conrado sent a flock of geese to the couple to kick off a fundraiser by the WPR Community Fund (a non-profit under the Community Foundation of Colusa County) to establish and support community events. The WPR and City of Colusa will host the inaugural Founder’s Day celebration on June 19, to celebrate the city’s incorporation on June 16, 1868. Planning is currently underway for a cornhole tournament, vendors, and activities in Memorial Park; car show at Colusa County Courthouse, sidewalk sale, walking tour to historic downtown buildings, tractor on Main Street, outdoor Art Show on Fifth Street, street dance, food, and much more. To send a flock of geese or waterfowl to a residence or business (City of Colusa only) call 458-4141 or text (530) 701-0923. Tax-deductible donations can be made payable to CFCC. Choice of You’ve Been Goosed (large geese only) or You’ve been Flocked (ducks and geese) for placement on lawns and outdoor spaces, or You’ve Been Ducked (smaller ducks for desks, counters or vehicles). Recommended minimum donation $25. Recipients are invited to be photographed with the flock. All photographs will be published in the Pioneer Review.

A flock of geese was sent to the Colusa home of Derrek Ash, on Saturday, for a good cause. Neighbors Leslie Poland and Pam DaGrossa “Goosed” Ash with a donation to the Community Foundation of Colusa County (WPR Community Fund) as payback for his own practical jokes. The flock of waterfowl soaked up the sunshine for a few minutes before being frightened away by Ash’s ornamental lawn coyote. To Goose, Duck, or Flock a friend or business in Colusa, call 458-4141 or text (530) 701-0923. Tax-deductible donations to CFCC will be used to organize the inaugural Founder’s Day outdoor Festival on June 19, in downtown Colusa. Founder’s Day is hosted by the Pioneer Review and the City of Colusa. Senders can remain anonymous.


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