Thursday, June 24, 2021


Colusa applies for Prop 68 competitive park grant

The Colusa City Council last week voted 5-0 to go big on just one application for a Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program grant to fund upgrades to Colusa Levee Scenic Park and build a marina on the Sacramento River.

The Statewide Park Program is funded by Proposition 68, the California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access for All Act of 2018, a taxpayer funded bond that allows jurisdictions to apply for up to $8.5 million to provide recreation opportunities in underserved communities.

The state is awarding a total of $395.3 million in this fourth and final round of funding, officials said.

“This grant is a highly competitive grant,” said City Manager Jesse Cain. “We are allowed five different applications and up to $8.5 million total. It looks like we are going to do one application. The reason for that is because these grants are very competitive.”

The City Council on March 2, approved a resolution 5-0 authorizing Cain to submit the application by the March 12 deadline, which had been extended from December due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If awarded funding, the city plans to expand and upgrade Levee Park from 10th Street to Bridge Street, as well as dredge Robert’s Ditch to create a small marina to moor boats.

“We’ve had a ton of public meetings and a ton of public comment on this,” Cain said. “This is the project we had designed by the Melton Design Group. They did the drawings and layout for us.”

The city is applying for nearly $7 million for the single application to upgrade the park, located above Main Street on the levee. The plans include exercise stations, educational/historical signage, and picnic areas. Once completed, the park would link the river to the downtown through pedestrian and motor vehicle access. The plans also call for the construction of fishing platforms and a pier to tie up fishing and motorboats.

“This could be a huge attraction for outside people coming to Colusa if we were to get this funding,” Cain said. “It would really start to change our downtown and spruce up our downtown.”

While the Statewide Park Program offers no guarantee that the funding will be awarded, officials said the city is focusing on one competitive project rather than five separate park renovation projects that would essentially compete against each other.

The grant application by the Melton Group will include the conceptual drawing of the new park area.

The state anticipates announcing the Round 4 awards in September.

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