Monday, June 14, 2021



Former Williams mayor appointed City Treasurer

John Troughton Jr.

The Williams City Council has appointed former Mayor John Troughton Jr. to serve as the city’s treasurer.

The position is an elected office but it went unfilled in the Nov. 3, 2020, election with no candidates on the ballot, city officials said. Troughton, who was serving on the City Council at the time of election, was making a bid to retain his seat, but was edged out by just three votes.

State law prevents candidates from running for two separate offices at the same time, but Finance Director Rex Greenbaun said Troughton’s appointment as Williams Treasurer could be a good fit for both the city and the fiscal watchdog, because ensuring the city remains fiscally healthy has been Troughton’s platform since first running for City Council in 2008, when the city was in financial turmoil.

While the treasurer’s position had been largely ceremonial with the Finance Department overseeing all aspects of the city’s finances and investments, Troughton will still be included in Finance Committee meetings.

The committee had discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Williams even having a Treasurer, but determined that it is a good thing anytime there is extra input from the community in financial matters. Troughton, who is a lifelong resident of Williams, served as council liaison to the Finance Committee for the past 10 years.

“I have the time to commit and I am reliable,” Troughton said. “The community we share is important to me and I make it a priority.”

Troughton’s appointed term will expire in December 2024. He will receive a monthly stipend of $100 per month. §


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