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Colusa Local Agency Formation Commission – Notice of Public Hearing

WPR #2021-0362


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Local Agency Formation Commission that a public hearings will be held on April 1, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. via teleconference or other electronic means, regarding the following:

1. Colusa LAFCo Policy Amendment removing and replacing the following in Section 3.2b ii: “….within a 20-year timeframe” and replacing “….specified within the applicable jurisdiction’s general plan”  

2. Municipal Service Review for services provided by the City of Colusa and Sphere of Influence Update for the City of Colusa. LAFCo is required to update Service Reviews and Spheres of Influence consistent with adopted LAFCo Policy and the LAFCo Act.

3. Request from the City of Colusa (Lafco File 2019-0001) to annex into the City  611 acres of land more or less consisting of 48 assessor’s parcels 017-030-050, -054, -055, -078, -082 thru -084, -094 thru -096, and  099; 017-130-005 thru -009, -011, -012, -025, -028, -029, -031, -035, -038, -040, -043,  056, -057, -075,-077, -084,  -085, -094, -095,-099, -100, -101, & -102 ; 017-140-001 thru -011 together with adjacent public rights of way. 

4. Proposed 2021-2022 LAFCO Budget.  The Commission will consider the proposed 2021-2022 budget to make a preliminary determination thereon by the Commission.  Any person may be heard regarding the increase, decrease, or omission of any item from the budget or for the inclusion of additional items. 

All interested parties have the right to appear and be heard at this time.  For further information and review of the files, please contact the Colusa Local Agency Formation Commission, P.O. Box 2694 Granite Bay, CA   telephone (530) 458-0593 or by email at LAFCo@countyofcolusa.org or visit the LAFCo webpage at www.colusalafco.org  to review the Executive Officer’s reports, which will be available 5 days prior to the hearings.

Pursuant to Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20, this public hearing will be conducted entirely by teleconference or other electronic means due to the COVID-19 shelter in place orders. No physical location will be available. Members of the public who wish to attend and provide public comment may do so via teleconference and should consult the agenda for this meeting to be posted 72 hours before the scheduled start time and on LAFCO’s webpage at www.colusalafco.org   for the call-in number and zoom link.

The Commission will consider oral and written testimony by any interested person or affected agency as well as the report of the Executive Officer.  At the hearing, the Commission may approve or disapprove a proposal with or without amendment, wholly, partially, or conditionally, may include or exclude territory in this change of organization or may continue its consideration with or without amendment, as a whole, in part, or upon such conditions as the Commission may determine.

The extension or continuation of any previously authorized charge, fee, assessment, or tax by a local agency or a successor local agency may be applied in the affected territory. The Commission may waive protest and election proceedings if no written protests or objections are raised at this hearing by persons either owning land within the subject territory or, in the case, the territory is inhabited, by anyone registered to vote who is currently residing within the annexation territory.

Persons may attend and be heard at the time and place of the hearing.  If you challenge the action of the Commission on the above item in court, it may be limited to only those issues raised at the public hearing described in this notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the  Colusa Local Agency Formation Commission at, or prior to, the public hearing.


/s/ John Benoit, Executive Officer

03/04/2021 – WPR #2021-0362

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