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City of Williams – Planning Commission – Public Hearing Notice


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the Planning Commission of the City of Williams will hold a public hearing on MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. to consider the following:
California Housing Statutes Update of the Zoning Code

The Zoning Code consists of regulations that address land use and development within the City. The Zoning Code, regulations for the use of land in Williams, is proposed to be amended consistent with changes to State Housing Laws and to implement programs of the City’s General Plan and related Housing Element.

The proposed Zoning Code amendments may be viewed on-line at:

Copies of the amendment document may also be reviewed at City Hall, or at the Planning Department at 810 “E” Street, William, CA, during normal business hours. Any questions concerning this application should be referred to the Planning Department at the same address or by calling City Hall at (530) 473-5389. All interested persons are invited to attend the meeting and present written and / or oral comments on the matter being considered or may also submit an e-mail to prior to the meeting. If you challenge these matters in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing(s) described in this notice, or in written correspondence submitted to the City Clerk at, or prior to, the public hearing(s).
Review of a Mural Permit application by Tanner Bloom for a Mural Painting of “WILLIAMS” (letters) on north side of the Williams Flea Market Building at 550 8th Street, APN 005-095-003.

Williams Horticulture Conditional Use Permit for an outdoor cannabis cultivation grow and related activities at 1185 B and C Freshwater Road and 1990 Freshwater Road on Assessor’s Parcel Numbers: 005-440-002, 005-440-003, and 005-440-004. The property is within the designated Commercial Cannabis Activity Overlay Zone – Outdoor Cultivation and base zoned Industrial. The project is categorically exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act Pursuant to Section 15301 (Existing Facilities), Section 15311 (Accessory Structures) and Section 15305 (Minor Alterations to Land).

The meeting will be held in the City Council Chamber of City Hall, 810 “E” Street, Williams. In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, please notify City Hall 72 hours prior to the meeting to arrange for special needs – (530) 473-5389. This notice is published in accordance with California Government Code 65090.

04/15/2021 – WPR #2021-0494

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