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Letter to the editor (01/13/2021)

To the editor: 

I’m disgusted that some local people here have been congratulating a Colusa County resident for taking part in Wednesday’s violent insurrection. The rampaging mob that stormed the Capitol was bent on destruction, fueled by hatred, lies and baseless conspiracy theories. They resorted to violence in their failed attempt to subvert the results of a Presidential election — because they didn’t like the verified outcome of a fair election process. 

A police officer was killed and more than 50 other officers were injured, and four other people died. How can that possibly be something to cheer about? 

Would the locals cheering now condone the same kind of rampaging here at home — in Colusa, in Williams, in Arbuckle? 

If they don’t like the results of the next election, will they encourage an armed mob to smash their way into our courthouse and city halls, to force our Supervisors and Council Members and local government staff to cower under desks and behind barricaded doors? Will they cheer when an armed mob chases and attacks our Sheriff’s deputies and police officers? 

I know many good people here in Colusa County who roll up their sleeves and do the hard, honest work of democracy. They run for office. They work for decades in public service. They volunteer countless hours to register voters, connect with voters, make sure elections run smoothly, voice their views to elected officials, educate themselves about issues and policies, and yes, protest publicly — peacefully and lawfully. 

Our Democratic system of government and institutions are far from perfect but I’m proud they are still standing strong despite a battering by an anti-Democratic, anti-American rabble.

My heart goes out to the loved ones of Officer Brian Sicknick and the others who died as a result of the rampage.

Jennifer Roberts


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