Monday, June 21, 2021



Letter to the editor: Can’t Clean a Conscience

In the late 14th and early 15th centuries there was a theologian by the name of Jan Huss. He was a  translator of the Bible and a preacher, but he was better known for his unwavering stands for Biblical truths that went against the established hierarchy of the day. Those that thought they knew better than regular people were more than bothered with someone whittling away at their false ideals or causing doubt about their deceitful positions of authority. After tolerating and then threatening Huss with the death penalty, for telling the truth, he challenged them to point out where he was wrong. However, these charlatan, elitist, fascists of the day, and supposed experts of wisdom and knowledge couldn’t do it. Since Huss wouldn’t acknowledge wrong until he was shown, he was burned at the stake. It gets more interesting here because sometime after he had been buried, the church bureaucracy had his body exhumed and his remains smashed, pounded, ground into powder and thrown into the river along with his books and writings. It appears that the pompous asses who thought they were better than everyone else couldn’t do enough to get rid of Huss. Kind of like today; virtually every democrat luminary and many republicans, so called, cannot get enough of trying to destroy someone they can’t beat in a fair fight. The haughty, self-important, rage filled politicians, media, tech oligarchs, and other guilt- ridden mouth pieces that make up one obstacle after another to sabotage and expunge the deeds of a patriot, froth at the mouth for vengeance. They are so twisted and evil that nothing will heal their affliction.   

” The people are the ultimate guardians of their own liberties ……Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone.”  T. Jefferson

Lew Manor

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