Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Letter to the Editor: With a Clean Conscience

The USA was not a country in the 14th and 15th centuries. When it was established some 240 years ago, this country developed a constitution guaranteeing freedom of religion. Later the concept against cruel and unusual punishment attempted to eliminate such practices as burning at the stake. Unfortunately, there have been similar atrocities in more recent history by the “fine folks” of white supremacy, and promoted by certain fascists currently serving in Congress, such as one who advocates the shooting of her opponents.

In relatively recent history, voting rights became protected so that even women, Black, Asian and Latin citizens could vote, as well as practitioners of alternative lifestyles and alternative faiths. Overwhelming participation in the 2020 election resulted in a victory for a president aiming to represent all Americans, rather than just the 30% base supported by the previous president. The 2020 election has been called the fairest, most fraud-free election in history, confirmed by more than 50 court cases.

A patriot is “a person who loves, supports and defends his country.” A patriot of the USA is not one who encourages insurrection in order to destroy democracy and anoint a dictator who serves the members of a dying political party.

Hopefully, the new administration will eliminate such twisted and evil practices as stealing native lands; poisoning air, earth and water; promoting suicidal health practices during a pandemic; befriending, encouraging and supporting dictators worldwide; locking children in cages; and using “the resolute desk” to sell beans and other campaign donor products.

The people have spoken.

Kathy Watters Jones

Maxwell, CA

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