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Residents bowl Christmas trees on Main Street

Owen Burrious, 7, bowls down a Christmas tree at Riverside Lanes on Saturday with an exercise ball almost as big as him.
© pioneer review • January 20, 2021

Large exercise balls and discarded Christmas trees met up with each other on Saturday in a unique event that brought people outdoors and to downtown Colusa. 

Visitors to Riverside Lanes had the opportunity at a unique event to burn off a few holiday pounds, while getting back in touch with a local business that has struggled to stay open during the coronavirus pandemic.  

“We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day,” said Lynda Silk, owner for Riverside Lanes. 

Saturday was warm and breezy, which prompted some to just shake off their face coverings to mow down Christmas trees that had been set up as bowling pins on Main Street, in front of the historic bowling alley. 

Bowling inside, of course, was still offered, and will continue to be open on a limited basis until things return to normal. 

On Saturday, however, while some people bowled the regular way, others enjoyed the exceptionally nice weather to try their luck at knocking down Christmas trees. The event gave a whole new meaning to the term “gutter ball.” 

“Tree bowling is hard,” said Megan Farrell, who competed against her husband by kicking, tossing, and rolling the big air-filled sphere toward her target.  

After a brief rest in the arcade, the Farrell’s were soon back at it. 

“You have to learn the lanes,” Brendan Farrell said.  

The City of Colusa organized the event, closed the street, and provided the still-green Christmas trees that had been discarded after the holidays for the city to dispose of. 

The event attracted a just a few people who were out with their families or were just walking by. 

“Our goal was to remind people that the bowling alley is still here and we are open,” Silk said. “We decided to get creative.” 

While the pandemic has had devastating effects on the entertainment industry, Colusa County is slowly getting back to normal. 

Those that visited the bowling alley on Saturday were also reminded when they ordered from the 10 Pin Grill, located inside, why Riverside Lanes was voted as having the “Best Hamburger in Colusa County” three years in a row by Pioneer Review readers. 

The bowling alley is open to league play on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, open 11 AM to 1 PM on Wednesday for lunch, and open from 5-9 PM Wednesday and Friday for play. Weekend play is still hit or miss, Silk said, due to COVID conditions, and she recommends people call ahead, 458-8866. 

“We hope to get back to regular hours as soon as possible,” she said. ♣

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