Sunday, July 25, 2021


Office of Education considering sale of commercial property 

The Colusa County Board of Education may sell a valuable piece of commercial property in Williams that was declared surplus in 2014. 

CCOE officials said the 2.43 acre undeveloped parcel, which faces Interstate 5 and is located north of Motel 6 and McDonalds, is really not conducive to be used as an educational setting. 

The property, however, has caught the eye of at least one commercial developer, said Superintendent of Schools, Mike West. 

The property has been held a number of years primarily as a rainy day fund. 

“This piece of ground was part of what we all knew would be sold to bail ourselves from paying off the (Education) Village,” said Trustee Brenda Miller. “It was our reserve to bail ourselves out but, fortunately, it never came to that point.” 

The County of Colusa originally owned the property and deeded it to the office of then  Superintendent of Schools Kay Spurgeon, back when it was a county-dependent agency.

The property was given to CCOE during its transition to an independent agency, intended either as potential office space for staff, or to be held as a “nest egg,” West said. 

While the property was declared surplus seven years ago, the office is now only considering its sale because there is a commercial enterprise interested in purchasing the property, which is suited for commercial or ag-industry development.  

Before moving forward, however, CCOE must survey government agencies (fire department, city, county) first to see if there is an interest in purchasing the property, which the office is doing now. 

“If there is no interest, it will be opened up to the public,” West said. 

Miller said she would like the proceeds, if the Board of Educations decides to move forward with the sale, to be put into a separate fund until such a time as the office needs the money for new programs or infrastructure improvements.

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