Thursday, June 17, 2021



Williams school board appoints new member

Heather Covarrubias was appointed to the Williams Unified School District board on May 26.

Covarrubias will replace former Trustee Sylvia Vaca, who resigned in April, unless voters call for a special election within 30 days.

Covarrubias has been a resident of Williams for 35 years and attended the local schools. She is employed with the Colusa County Office of Education, supporting teachers in special education by reviewing student independent education plans.

Covarrubias said she wanted to serve on the Williams school board to contribute to future decisions made for student growth and success.

“I want to give back to the school and be a voice for the students, staff, and community,” Covarrubias said. “I want to do as past members of the board did in the early 2000s and be in the classes speaking with staff and seeing first hand what works and what does not. I want to be fair, understanding, and well informed so that I can make the best decisions for our school, staff, parents, community – and first and foremost – our students.”

Covarrubias is bilingual in Spanish and English. She said she understands budgets, and has worked in the school system for the past 15 years. She has also been in the Parent Teacher Association for five years, and serves as the organization’s president.

Covarrubias said an issue of importance in Williams schools is to provide more options for electives, so students who do not want to attend college have skills for entering the workforce directly after high school.

“At this point, I feel that we are only teaching one part of the (district’s) mission, which is to pass a-g classes,” she said.

Covarrubias also said she would like to see more unity between the Latino and white community, and see parents and teachers come together as a whole to work together. §


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