Thursday, June 17, 2021



What’s your plan? (01/13/2021)

The Girls put yet another smirk on my face heading out the door for the 1stday of school 2021.  We have always returned a week behind as what seems like everyone else in the county.  I am not a fan, especially when they are off in February and we’re classroom bound; I would love to be traveling then as compared to the 1st week of the year, making more memories as I fear those days are gone for us as a family of five.  Always, as one door closes, yet one or more open.  Yet another smirk as I contemplate what possibilities the future may bring.

I could be somewhat saddened at their achievements thus far as it is always another step closer to the reality of empty nesting for my Love and me.  I was lifted by their display of excitement and maturity starting back.  We mostly display a surreal scene of a herd of turtles striking out on our endeavors, a solace being that slow and steady will finish the race.  It would be a mistake to judge life as a sprint and not as a marathon.  The trick is to enjoy the journey.  There are rose gardens worth getting lost in along the way and though I have crashed and burned a number of times, I have been able to pick back up (usually with the help of angels) all the wiser.  This I would not mind being able to impart on my Girls.

Those things of value I wish to instill in my children seems to torment them.  The day will come when each will be on their own and I hope to have not failed them.  As support along this path, our motto for this year will be ‘One in 2021!’  There is power in unity and this would be a step in the right direction in perfecting each member of the Arens pack.   Synergy is one of those words that is intriguing to me.  It blackens the eye of selfishness.  The teacher will always tell you that an answer of anything but 2 is incorrect for 1 + 1.  When that anything is at once represented by a human being, 2 will always be wrong!  The sum is always greater than its total.  May I suggest we stop placing ourselves in the middle of the tempest and desire a walk in the sunshine; yes, the corollary is true when the good is removed.  Without a conscience (the Light of Christ) one’s probability to find trouble raises exponentially with each person added to the group.

I have been overly effective at driving the Girls crazy recently as I have expanded my pondering of the Littles.  Specifically, I suggest that they become Littles as we depart for the day.  As we have read, Christ used the little children in His teachings.  Not bad object lessons.  Children are eager to please, excited to learn, and quick to forgive.  They easily personify meekness and is a step toward inner peace.  I have no doubt that life is a process and not an event.  That’s not all… To Be Continued (the Girls have never appreciated the good cliff hanger).  We will be squeezing patience in there as well.  Godspeed. ♣

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