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Life, as I See it… (01/27/2021)

Puppy Love

Just as life changes when a new baby joins the family, bringing home a puppy is an adjustment as well. 

Puppy Rocky Balboa has been with us for a few days now. Just like a human baby, he comes with a bevy of needs and equipment.

One of the best finds was a stuffed animal with a battery powered heart beat. Who knew? Wow, I wish I had invented that one. 

Of course he has had visits from all of the grandkids. Fun!

The only one not delighted with the puppy is my Chloe cat. She keeps her distance and is pretty much not impressed.  

A fella named Tim Moyer in Roseberg, Oregon, sent to me a carbon steel chef’s knife. He is a knife maker and wanted me to try the knife and then critique it on my blog I was thrilled to get it and try it out. I love having good cooking tools, and this knife was one of the best ever. Tim makes every knife at his forge: Iron Thistle Knives. Take a look at his site online at Iron Thistle Knives.

It has been nice to have new focus in my life this last week. I’ve found that I have spent entirely too much time watching the news. Rarely are there feel good stories aired these days. We can be consumed by sadness if we continue to hear this stuff 24/7. Time to shake it off. We need to be educated and be aware of our world, but we also need to daily reflect on our blessings. 

We have new leadership now. Who knows how things will go, but it is our responsibility to respect the office. There’s a lot of ugliness going on these days. It is up to each of us how we want to react. 

As for me, I’m going to take a deep breath and remind myself at every turn that God’s got this.

Time to let go and let God.

Life is good today.

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