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What’s your plan? (01/27/2021)

I have inscribed in past articles to having been called many things. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words should never hurt me. But they can cut to the bone at times. An easy step to self-improvement would be to watch what one says. Bridle passions and keep our tongues in check. Certainly, listening more and hearing better before speaking. Think, two ears and one mouth; listen twice as long before inserting foot in kisser.

I can rise above some of the name-callings from my past. Most miss the mark because of a healthy dose of self-esteem built up over the years from experience. But those early years, that’s for another time. In these later ones, Daddy is the label that gets me all worked up emotionally. It is my favorite. Little toes and fingers now seem all grown up, taking on a life of their own. I see a benefit to calling ourselves ‘wip’.

We are all a wip; work in progress. Let’s consider ‘littles’ again. Children are works in progress (then there’s me in my fifth decade). Christ reminds us to emulate them in many verses of the New Testament. The key is to be childlike, but not childish. Mine have always shown a desire to please and to learn; their example being a rich object lesson. It has been easy to mode a saying ‘be a little’ into a motivational tool of sorts.

I have been repeating it to the Girls to get them pondering. At first, it lost the ‘a’ rather quickly as their laziness got the better of them and they just wanted me to do it for them. It morphed into ‘belittle’, deteriorating into little, petty things quickly, and succeeded in getting us lost in an air of contention. This fostered nothing of what I intended and therefore triggered a needed course correction. With a move in the right direction and some PMA (positive mental attitude), we cut through the negative and started us down a smoother road to growing a bit. Encouraging an atmosphere of unity bears fruit. ‘More’ helps also.

Philip Paul Bliss composed “More Holiness Give Me.” His words are a plea to help build character; build us up in positive, Christ-like attributes. The second appeal is fitting for What’s Your Plan, more strivings within! Self-improvement or mastery is the goal of consistent joy and continual peace. I can probably do the Girls a favor by stating that we should strive to ‘be a little more’. We can be a little more (his lyrics) patient, grateful, trusting, meek, praise-giving, among a few being pinned in this hymn.

Therefore, what? It might sound a bit cheesy but start the journey toward being all you were met to be. A little step in the right direction is all that is necessary to become more. A little at a time, more of the time, a step at a time, for the achievement of a lifetime. Mortality is a work in progress. Godspeed.

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