Sunday, July 25, 2021


Life, as I See it: Interesting

Recently, a parent of young children told me that his kids have not been sick this year.

He accredited it to the fact things have changed in our schools. The extra clean facilities, continued hand sanitizing, masks, and social distancing likely are the keys to healthy kids.

Makes me wonder if these practices should have been in place all along.

This whole COVID-19 thing has been a learning curve for all of us.

It’s just common sense. Cleaner is better. I’m hoping our kids don’t have to wear masks forever, but the extra efforts of cleanliness makes sense to me.

On the other hand, I’m told by some child development professionals that it is vital for kids to see the whole face expressions of others when they’re interacting with them. Hopefully, we can get back to that.

One of the kindest, strongest, and loveliest women I have ever known went home to her glory this past week. I know without a doubt that Christine Finneman is indeed in her glory. She lived a life that assured that gift for her. 

I send blessings and wonderful memories of their mom and grandmother to the family. She was special.

One bonus of being pretty much isolated to our own space is the convenient way we have of seeing and getting things right in our own house.

Yesterday, I rented a still new movie and watched it at home instead of a theatre.

My choice was ‘News of  the World’ with Tom Hanks. Gotta love Tom Hanks. How many will admit you teared up when in ‘Castaway’ he lost his best friend Wilson, who was a volleyball? Now that’s acting.

I’ve found that while I’ve stayed pretty close to home these past months, I’ve learned more about appreciating the little things.  

If I have a cooking success or learn how to make something I thought I had to buy, it is a big deal around here. Did you know you can make your own crackers and cream cheese? Next week, I’m going to teach myself how to make sushi. Yep, I bought a kit and the makings, including seaweed sheets. There’s not much you can’t find on the internet.

We live a different way these days. It’s not all bad, but I’ll admit I’ve recently been longing for summer. It just seems better when we can get outside and enjoy it.


Life is good today.

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