Monday, June 21, 2021



What’s your plan? (02/04/2021)

I ventured out some these last few weeks. I sort of impressed myself, staying locked up for this long, donning the label of non-essential. Nothing like a road trip or two to get at what’s been troubling you. Included the bride, it’s the perfect fix-all. We headed down to SLO. It doesn’t look the same, these many years since my college days. Particularly Poly Canyon, one walked off campus and five minutes out experienced the illusion that you were the only one in the world. Now towers a dormitory complex, not much of an exaggeration to say it dwarfs all the dorms existing over my time. A little city in itself, with its own coffee shop and conveniences.

I had to see the old haunts. I have fond memories of those places and the season of life. With the emotional warmth became the blessing of the temporal. Basking in mid-eighty-degree temperatures provided a needed respite from our bone-chilling temperatures. Not sure that I could survive living in a place coexisting with snow. Ben Franklin has assimilated into the times. You build your own sandwich now checking off your choices of bread, meat, cheese, and condiments. I can still get my goto sub, but it takes longer to order. Gone are the days of just blurting, “Seventeen please!”

This past weekend, just for good measure, we loaded up the Girls for a road trip to Monterey. We must have just missed the crowds as social media declared the masses out in force upon the lifting of the stay-at-home order. We had Gianni’s pizza for dinner. I can’t wait to join the growing ranks and sit down, at a table, under the roof of a restaurant, and enjoy eating out again. It still echoes in my memory the words of the owner expressing gratitude for our patronage. Hopefully small businesses can hold on a bit longer; the tides have some momentum now. I wanted to try Loulou’s Griddle in the Middle but was welcomed by the closed sign. We found Goodies Delicatessen in Pacific Grove. They’re holding out. We ordered by the number.

With sunshine on my face and blue sky overhead, it was difficult not to be at peace as I watched the Girls frolic over the rocks at Lovers Point Park. Even wearing the mask was a tiny thing. My anxiety level waned as I watched them push boundaries. The Butterfly wanted to dangle from precarious heights. The Grad bound rock to rock like a mountain goat. The youngest, I lost track of her for the duration. At times, you have to give them some rope because they’ll need to make it without you. I’ll have to cut the cord at some point. Just not today.

The highlight of the adventures has been with my companion. Watching her navigate the rocks was a sight to see. A little over seven months ago, she went all in for improved health. She set a goal to lose weight and is producing fruit. I noticed a degree of difficulty on the Girls’ part to keep up. She has a plan and is working it. I will need to implement my own set of goals to keep up with her; it would be best to accomplish them sooner than later. Wasn’t Heraclitus expressing something like everything changes but change itself. A bit of patience and the sun will be out. Godspeed.

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