Thursday, June 17, 2021



Life, as I See it: Celebrate

There’s a lot to celebrate in the Craigo Clan this week. 

We now have three February birthdays. 

Brand new grandson Bodhi Everest Craigo joined us on February 2. He arrived healthy, happy, and handsome on our daughter-in-law Becky’s birthday. Yesterday, he met his adoring family when we celebrated grandson Gage’s 15th year.

We are more than blessed.

Of course, I’m the first to say Bodhi is a perfect little man. So far, so good because he’s a very content little fella.

Winter weather is finally here in North Dakota. We’re looking at at least another week of sub-zero temperatures. I had a comment from a California friend yesterday about how cold it is here. My response, of course, was that North Dakotans are tough. Tough we are indeed, but we’re nothing compared to the pioneers who came before us. They really faced the elements. Today, we have warm houses, indoor plumbing, and insulated clothing.

Yesterday, our Alexa temperature reading was -21. It warmed up today to -9.

But, just like in California, when it goes above 100, it doesn’t make a lot of difference when it dips below zero.

Honestly, I do better in the cold than I do in the heat. I must be in the right place.

I learned this week to make sushi. It wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty tasty. I think I’ll get it with some practice. I thought about my friend Chef Keith Erickson and his efforts to teach us how to make California rolls. He did it with very little effort and they were wonderful. Someday, I’ll perfect it. Cooking, like everything else, is a matter of research and practice.

Cooking gives me pleasure and comfort. Today on this sub-zero day, I have a beef roast slow cooking. I might bake a cake later today. The warmth of the oven and the smell of the food make it pretty easy to adapt to North Dakota living. I guess I’m not so tough after all. 

God bless the farmers and ranchers out there in the cold. They are the really tough ones.

Life is good today.

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