Tuesday, June 22, 2021


What’s your plan? 02/11/2021

I have cultivated an eclectic pallet for melodic amusements.  For as long as I can remember, music has been a part of the home.  The Girls know 45s, LPs, and CDs because of my somewhat large collection.  I know streaming, from them.  I still like to put my hands on items; touch is more real to me.  Folk, Country, Hymns, Rock, Smooth jazz, and Classical are the main genres with a sprinkling of Pop, Blues, Electronic dance, Disco, Punk, Techno, New wave, and Hip hop (blame the Girls).  I am pretty confident that I have at least one of every category represented in my collection.  It isn’t by coincidence that one song or another will get me reminiscing or pondering.

Bob Seger is an American singer-songwriter, a Detroit Rocker.  He has composed some great stories over the years.  His songs touch this country bumpkin.  He is usually associated with the Silver Bullet Band and if this isn’t quite bringing anything to mind, you have heard in the media; “Like a Rock” in the Chevy ads and “Old Time Rock n Roll” in the movie Risky Business.  My wife came back a fan after accompanying me to Shoreline before the pandemic.  The 1978 release, “Hollywood Nights”, comes off the album Stranger in Town.  The short of the song being a Mid-western boy over his head with a Hollywood gal.  One of the lyric lines reads, “He knew right then he was too far from home.”

This song has been the soundtrack to my life’s story these past few weeks.  My Hollywood Gal is a dark-eyed, dark-hair beauty that has seldom left my side over these last three decades.  Our youngest is celebrating her Birthday week and we celebrate her existence.  I am having difficulty wrapping my mind around the reality that she is FIFTEEN.  Home is seldom dull nor are we able to fit the same old cliches.  But we cannot be denied.  It still amazes me, even now, I have them to get me through it all.

I have apparently garnered a new label in connection with my weekly night escapades.  I am that guy driving the silver, Ford Flex.  Yes, the Flex is a very versatile vehicle with an abundance of cargo room and ample legroom in the rear seats for my 5 foot, 19-inch-tall friends.  The family rides comfortably on road trips with our minimum of five and up to nine people, safety belts equipped.  On Wednesday night-early Thursday, it will be out on its forty-five plus mile route delivering the newsworthy Pioneer Review devoid of all the sensational, fake-news so disconnected with reality and rampant on social media.  I feel extremely secure in it and trust it with the Girls.  It helped deliver the paper in the worst storm of the year and over the streets of an apocalyptic Arbuckle with the electricity out.  If you shout THUG in my direction, do not be surprised when you do not capture my attention.

There is a problem around my hometown (not that social media dilemma, that’s worldwide).  I am troubled by a local one.  I commend Chief Cox for the department’s push to get addresses visible over his tenure.  After five weeks, I have shaved 66% off the time necessary to deliver the paper to the readers because their addresses are easy to find.  If I can’t cruise the Arbuckle-College City area in my leisure and spot your address, what situation might develop if Fire, Police or Ambulance are searching for you in an emergency?  I am getting tougher to rattle with maturity, but this issue concerns me.  Be positive that your location is well identified with reflective address placards!

I have to get out more, during the day, I don’t know these people posting at me.  For some reason, Jeannie C Riley and Bobbie Gentry songs are playing in my mind.  I can never be too far from home; I just remodel to expand the living space.  Godspeed.

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