Tuesday, May 11, 2021



Life, as I See it…Burr

So, the warnings were real. This past week here in North Dakota we hit -49 degrees wind chill. We were reminded of what my daughter Tiffany said when Tom wanted to move to North Dakota. 

“Tell him to learn the words wind chill,” she said.

It’s all good. We’re still warm in our little house on the prairie. 

Although it’s Valentine’s Day as I write, we have no plans to venture out to celebrate. Too cold!

We lost our cousin Clara this past week. She survived COVID but later succumbed to another issue. 

She was such a good woman. A rock for her entire family. 

It just shows us that we never know when or how our end will come. Growing up, we never imagined either one of us would pass like this.

I send blessings to her family. She was well loved for sure.

I know I’ve said in the past that I wasn’t sure if I’d drink the ‘Kool-Aid® ’ or not, but now I’ve decided to do it. Tom and I are scheduled to get our first vaccine in a week or so. 

Life is such a turmoil these days. We might as well join the masses and take the precautions when we can. 

So far so good for us. I want that to continue.

So now the impeachment trial is over. Hopefully, we will all agree to move on together. Honestly, I just get frustrated at the childish bickering among our leaders. Time to get a grip, grow up, and move on to the actual business of running our beloved country.

Here’s an update on puppy Rocky Balboa. Although he’s getting bigger, he still looks like a stuffed animal. He’s having a few behavioral mishaps, but we believe they will improve. Meanwhile, while he’s still adorable, he is kind of a pain in the rear. 

Regardless of subzero temperatures and trying to train a new puppy, Life is good today.

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