Thursday, June 17, 2021



Life, as I See it… BBQ

So it soared to 38 above today. Time to barbecue.

I literally pulled the snow piled cover off of our grill. 

Later, I’ll crank it up and stand out there to grill some steaks and roasts some mushrooms. It feels so warm out there compared to the last couple of weeks, I doubt I’ll need a jacket. Gotta love North Dakota!

I’ve recently been longing for the warm months. I love time spent out in our backyard. Soon!

My thoughts and prayers have been with the people of Texas this week. We have several people that we love living there now. Natural disasters can cause more damage than we can imagine. Continued prayers are needed there.

I’ve faced some overwhelming cleanups in my lifetime, but never anything like these folks are facing.

I saw a news story about one man in Texas who literally housed 500 people. The man, whose name was Mac, owned a big furniture store and invited folks to sleep on beds and recliners, provided blankets, a play area for the kids, and gave anyone who came in a hot meal.

Years ago we had bracelets asking “What would Jesus do?” I’m pretty sure Mac got it right.

We have a world globe on a table in our dining room. I’ve noticed that my grandsons have taken an interest in it. I like to see how all of the grandkids are eager for knowledge. I also love that they all have different interests. 

Our kids these days are learning many lessons. Take the time to talk to the kids. I think you’ll be amazed at the things they are learning. Don’t ever think they aren’t listening.

Life is good today.

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