Monday, June 21, 2021



Life, as I See it… (03/11/2021)

If you’d read this column in the past you know I like nothing better than a road trip.

These past few days I’ve done just that. There is nothing more rejuvenating for me than a cross country solo journey. Some folks call me brave for making the trip on my own, but honestly this trek from North Dakota to California is routine for me. I’ve done it so many times in the last 40 years, it’s all familiar now.

I’ve had my shot, I masked up and social distanced wherever I went, and I disinfected any surface with which I came into contact.

It hasn’t been quite the same as my normal journeys, but still it’s appreciated time.

I’ve had time now with my forever friend, Sue. Later, I’ve got some other appointments set.

There are parts of California living I have missed, but it does seem a bit rushed after the tranquility we have in rural North Dakota. I have to say I love our slower paced life in the Badlands, and I will happily return.

Today, we will be treated to a fabulous Tom Indrieri barbecue. It’s been too long since I’ve seen my California kids or had Tommy’s cooking.

My husband Tom is holding down the fort at our little house on the prairie but admits he’s jealous of missing out on a meal at Tommy’s and Ashley’s. 

I’m happy to be here and to see people I love. It’s been a long year of isolation, but spring is coming. By the time I get home, we can once again put out the patio furniture and begin to enjoy the backyard. Who knows, we might even plant a garden this year.

Life is good today.

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