Thursday, June 24, 2021


Life, as I See it… “Old Friends”

It’s been a good week. Of course, I loved my solo road trip across the country.

Once back in California, I’ve so enjoyed seeing old friends.

Life is different, yet the same on some levels.

Seeing people you love and have a history with is a bonus.

I’ve slept like a rock. It must be the country. Of course, we live in a rural town in North Dakota, so it isn’t different.

I’ve been staying with my forever friends Deb and Sue. There’s just a comfort in that.

Tomorrow, pals Deb, Connie, and I will head to the coast. I can’t wait to sit near the ocean again. Time with my friends makes it all the more special.

I love visiting here, but I admit I’m more content living on the prairie. I’ll be ready to be home again.

Like I said, life is different now. The first question we ask on meeting folks is if you’ve had your shot. It seems a bit like making sure a dog has had its rabies vaccine before you approach it.

Someday, it’ll be better.

Last week my niece Dena, who owns the Tea Nook in Lincoln, catered a lovely and delicious high tea for friends and family. It was wonderful. I have to give Dena credit for keeping things going during this pandemic. When she couldn’t be open, she made “to-go” teas for her clients. She’s an example of how hard work pays off. I’m proud of her.

These have been tough times. But, we will survive.

A year ago, we lost my dear friend Lynda. On Wednesday (Lynda’s birthday), I happened to be in Williams, Ca., so I visited her resting place with my friend Carolan. Lynda passed after I had moved, so it never seemed real to me.

When she was sick and knew the outcome, she told us she’d had a wonderful life. She told us to be pissed for a couple of days but then get on with living our own good lives. I guess it’s been hard for me to let go of mourning her loss. I’ll try harder now.

Meanwhile, life is good today.

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