Thursday, June 24, 2021


What’s your plan? (03/25/2021)

I have shared in the past many of the titles I have taken upon me over the years. Although later in life, that might be considered the norm. Husband and Daddy have been the two that have brought me the most growth and ultimate joy. Son can undoubtedly stand in this mix. My Girls bring me joy! Their accomplishments are also mine and are one of those unique win/win situations in life. I credit their Mom; alone, I would have messed them up royally.

The Social Butterfly had her turn at the pulpit last Sunday. The members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do not support a paid ministry. We are responsible for the messages given. You will find the congregation members sharing sermons each Sabbath, and this last Sunday, it was her turn to preach. We usually are given a week to prepare an address of anything from three to 45 minutes long. She was asked to be the first speaker and therefore would present the shortest of the service. 

“How’s your talk coming?” was my question to her each day, all week. My way of hinting that I’m here to assist. “Coming along” is what she’d reply, until Saturday late when she came unglued and declared hysterically that she had nothing.

Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I don’t do well late at night, especially on those days when the body says it’s time to rise and shine at 4:30 dark time. I may be rising, but I doubt that I am shining. Mama Bear kicked it in! I heard that they wrapped it up about midnight after numerous starts and quits (I can’t do this!). Ms. Butterfly was up before I was, not her usual. She wasn’t hiding her sweat well. One of the perks of growing up in the Church is that all the girls are pretty familiar with standing behind the podium. Maybe not at ease, but they look somewhat accomplished at their ages. I am not sure that I look as good at it as they do; it is one up for them.

Then she stood up to the pulpit. What transpired next was one of those proud pop moments. The CliffNotes would read, obedience. Now, two more speakers would follow her, and this is one of those times where I know the Holy Ghost is quite real. I felt the warm promptings of the Spirit confirming the truth of their comments. I am confident that this Spirit of Truth had previously directed the study and thoughts to prepare these individuals to edify me, and I am also quite sure that those around me were not one whit behind. She nailed it; they all three did. Together they taught of Christ’s peace developed through obedience. The Spirit was powerful. I love Church! It’s not bad either to hear the compliments directed at her as well as the kind words of approval. She is not that little kid anymore.

And she just keeps shining on. Monday, she passed the written DMV test for her permit. Another Arens to continue the tradition of making the sidewalks unsafe for the pedestrian. The Grad is a tad upset because she isn’t old enough to take her out and practice under the permit. She’ll just have to settle for the backseat as her Mom or I teach the newbie to drive. Oh, the places we’ll go. I would share my new title, but Lloyd has enough headache laying out the Pioneer without me running up the word count. For another day! Thank you for following along! Godspeed.

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