Thursday, June 24, 2021


What’s your plan? (04/01/2021)

Last Saturday was proclaimed a family day for yard work at the Arens abode, well maybe one that could resemble such in times like these. Nothing that I will pin on the pandemic per se, but just that season we find ourselves in as a family. We couldn’t start anything until our Butterfly was dropped off for her just sly of 8-hour shift at MickeyD’s. There are some benefits to the current situation, two of the Girls reached a boredom state and actually took some advice for once. “Go get a job!”

The Girls know Dolly Parton, introduced from both sides of their family. We usually hear the chorus of “9 to 5” when this one goes in later. The only problem is that the majority of the morning is shot when I get back from shuttling her to work. Mom gave the Grad a pass; said she worked a 40-hour week and deserved one day to sleep in. She does get eight hours in with the added commute when she returns at 3. There’s still daylight a wastin’ though.

Can’t waste daylight when work needs to be done. I have to blame my Dad, Uncle, and the farmer in them for my work ethic. I have been told I am my Father’s son, this is most clear when Mom confirms such under her breath during certain discussions. I don’t find anything wrong with work scheduled around daylight hours and have even gotten accustomed to pulling it off during dark time. One of my life’s biggest wins came when I found a balance and burnt the candle well at both ends.

Efficiency is what I get boogered up in. It takes two or three times the amount of time and effort to complete the simplest of work tasks on the Sabbath as it does during any other day of the week. The Lord has my attention, so I do honor His rest. Being out of doors usually takes my breath away. Aside from the physical exertion, which seems to increase with my age, it Spiritually does as well. I feel most alive in the Great Outdoors. I am in awe and find it difficult to acknowledge that there is anything but a God above directing His children’s affairs.

Spring is bursting as the days grow longer. My household accomplishes about as much as a herd of turtles sprinting a 100-meter dash. We did get out of the blocks and there is still hope that our gardening will be improved this year. And all this brings my thoughts to another garden halfway around the world and ages ago.

This garden included a tomb, its significance for you and I, is actually what was not. Sepulchers exist to incorporate dead bodies. This burial chamber gave up its dead; Christ’s body being lain three days prior. All prophecies declared in the Old Testament being fulfilled, the Atonement wrought. All members of the human race have the magnificent promise of resurrection and Eternal life. What a glorious Easter morn. May it be well with you this coming Easter Sunday. The tomb is empty! Godspeed.

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