Sunday, July 25, 2021


What’s your plan? (04/08/2021)

If there is anything that might possibly pass as being somewhat normal in these frustrating times, I say it was the Arens Easter Gathering. As far back as I can remember, we have gotten together to enjoy each other’s company and overeat delicious food. My fondest memories include the many years we celebrated out in the hills right of the “Y” (the stories we can tell), roasting a pig one year as the main course (more the feasting on), and turning the shop into a banquet room for another very wet one (I am a better man stretching above the bar for my uncle’s clean). It was a blessing to be together again after forgoing last year.

Being in the outdoors creates awe in me, I never tire of viewing Christ’s handiwork. Driving through the Redwoods and experiencing the coast does my spirit good. Easter is just plain good for the soul. With this spring equinox and then the full moon, Easter was closer to the almond bloom than usual. This is my favorite time of year. All becomes new again. My path crossed a beekeeper not too far back. He had all his bees out from various states as well as his whole crew. He stated that most of the bees in the US focus in California for the bloom. That’s a lot of bees!

We need to talk more among ourselves and better yet, we need to start making a whole lot of noise. Not talking about religion or politics has become something lost to me. I feel that the majority still has a grasp on common sense, but is intent on keeping it to themselves. Stop hoarding! We need to start getting it into contact with those that have seemed to have misplaced theirs. We need to have a good dose of civility.

If we want to get above all this mud wallowing, we are going to have to put the I-centered selfishness aside and start thinking more about us. One of the greatest documents the world has ever known starts out with We the People! Never in our history have we given up so much freedom, in so quick a time.

We need to get back to the Constitution! This document focuses power on the people and away from institutions. Representing us is a privilege and not a career. Things are backward today because of so many little things that we have kept silent about.

Government should be local. It starts here with us. Voices should be heard. When a few people tell the rest what to do and how to do it, we have a problem.

Our way of life is under attack. This isn’t an enemy from outside our borders, it is within. We need to be cleaning the house and tossing out the corruption. I for one have grown too comfortable with freedom and am not about to let it be taken away so easily.

We need to start the conversation. We must create the narrative. We need to make the noise to be heard. Forget about being Republican or Democrat. Forget about Being Protestant or Catholic. Forget about being boss or worker. Forget about being an administrator or student. Put away we and them. Remember us! Let’s build up us.

Next week I will get specific.


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