Monday, July 26, 2021


What’s your plan? (04/15/2021)

I proclaim that Spring has sprung and that Summer is breathing hot and heavy down her neck. Last week at this time, I was up in Eureka trying to get warm. Damp and mid-50s is getting more difficult to tolerate. Be it either lazy or just numb, temperature extremes are getting less pleasant to deal with. Maybe my years in San Luis Obispo spoiled me. I would have benefitted from being a little more driven in my younger years.

As all things green, I have had some pleasure to shoot out on my own this last month. The drive up 101 is spectacular. The Avenue of the Redwoods calls out to me as a wonder of the world, especially in sharp contrast to leaving the valley floor up into the hills on 20. Alone from the Redbud, it is a sad sight for what one should expect in the season. Mixed in with the red hue is a copious cast of brown. It is too early and too dry. Not a good situation.

Maybe share a chuckle with you. The Arens bolted. With work and school among the five of us, it didn’t take a lot of effort along with Covid to mess up an opportunity to string a couple of days together and take advantage of spring break. We did pull off a day trip! We put 75 miles behind us and made it to the socially distanced, Discovery Kingdom.

You would think that this is the first trip as a family that we ever tried to pull off. We are certainly out of shape and gave yet another new meaning to herd of turtles. The laugh is in the thread that held the day together. An example, me trying to keep up with my wife. She has put quite the kick back into her step after losing a few pounds.

Twenty plus years ago, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a trip down South. About two-thirds of the way up the Supreme Scream at Knott’s Berry Farm, she looks over, eyes wide with fear, and emphatically states she wants off. At that moment, I experienced the realization that I was not always going to be her knight in shining armor, maybe the best I could do was give her my love. What I uttered was non-memorable as I took her hand.

This tower-based amusement ride is a Turbo Drop model that stands 325 feet in the air. It lasts only 45 seconds. Most of that duration is spent getting to the top at which time it drops you 252 feet at 0-50 mph in 3 seconds. I learned that day that she was capable of crushing my hand. This was on my mind when we put ourselves in a predicament of our own choosing at Six Flags. She had me strapped in beside her on Medusa. This Steel-Floorless Coaster runs for 3:15 minutes and reaches speeds of 65 mph.

We left the station and started up the incline. Of all my times on the ride, I have never been seated in the first row. Looking down, nothing between me and the ground except my feet swinging rather blissfully. That first drop was like none other! Are you aware that another definition of blissfully is in a way that shows a lack of knowledge or understanding of something bad? I am proud to say that I survived. My Bride, with the largest of smirks, apologized for not holding my hand. The shoulder harnesses precluded it. Hand saved for another day! Godspeed. §


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